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Mosco Yi Xing Long (Omega Shenron) Hitto and Son Goku fighting Rou Mojito
Plasma Physics with Lord Mosco (SUBTITLED) Why Has Super Not Made Us Canon Yet? Universe 6/7 GoD Tournament Official Footage PROOF U12S CULOOSION KEPT U9 FROM WINNING TOP!!!! Angel Chess Championship Final Round

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Jiren and Son Goku fighting
Tournament of Power #1: Full Official Footage
Full official footage of the first Tournament of Power held by the two Lord Zenos in Age 780, for anyone seeking to rewatch it, or see what they missed while they were wiped out of existence.
Tags // Popular : TournamentofPower : Jiren : UltraInstinct
Channels // Sports : News
Added: 8 months ago by OfficialGrandPriest
Runtime: 47:59 | Views: 97,234,983,274,382,945 | Comments: 260
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In Memory of a Friend
A tribute to my lamentably misguided former pupil Zamasu, and all the potential that he squandered.
Tags // Universe10 : Obituary : Zamasu : Gowasu
Channels // People : News & Blogs
Added: 1 year ago by TeaTimeWithGowasu
Runtime: 23:28 | Views: 190 | Comments: 403
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Audition in Universe 2
Kamikaze Fireballs Audition #49!
Coming on the heels of Universe 2's tragic loss in the Tournament of Power, we hosted the most intense and gorgeous audition for new Kamikaze Fireballs members yet in order to bolster our love power! Although we sadly failed to find any new members for the group, every participant did a wonderful job and showcased the unparalleled spirit of beauty and teamplay that our Universe prides itself on!
Tags // Universe2 : KamikazeFireballs : Ribrianne
Channels // Arts & Animation : People
Added: 7 months ago by xxGoddessofLovexx
Runtime: 57:26 | Views: 235 | Comments: 193
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Toppo eating
Mustache Grooming Tips Part 7: Eat Your Meal and Not Your Stache!
The 52 time winner of the Universe 11 Beards & Mustaches Championship, Toppo, returns with more mustache-growing wisdom gleaned from growing up on the frigid planet Barus.

So you've been successfully growing out a proper walrus mustache, but are now becoming exasperated with how often it gets caught in your teeth. Do not fret! With proper grooming and the right oils, this will be naught but a pothole in your road to looking like a proper warrior of JUSTICE!
Tags // Universe11 : FacialHair : JUSTICE
Channels // Grooming : Blogs
Added: 9 months ago by WarriorofFreedom
Runtime: 27:39 | Views: 187 | Comments: 162
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Aging Beautifully as a Goddess: Is 300 Million the New 200 Million?
There is an ugly yet sadly common sentiment in the world today that a woman's romantic life is effectively over by the time she's 300 million years old. Hear from the multiverse's number one authority on beauty Herself why life only starts at 300 million years.
Tags // Universe2 : BeautyTips : Cosmetics
Channels // People : Blogs
Added: 1 year ago by HellesTheBeautiful
Runtime: 19:31 | Views: 206 | Comments: 376
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Happy Lord Zenos
Tags // ZENO : FUN
Channels // News
Added: 3 weeks ago by LORDZENO
Runtime: 27:77 | Views: 126 | Comments: 126
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Gluttonous Yajirobe
Things to Know Before Adopting a Human
If you're a lonely Cat Hermit considering bringing a human into your home, there are some very important issues that you may not be aware of. Getting a dog instead won't sound so bad after you've seen this!
Tags // Universe7 : Pets : Earthlings
Channels // Pets & Animals
Added: 5 days ago by Nekosennin
Runtime: 28:06 | Views: 244 | Comments: 191
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Beerus eating pizza
5 Reasons I Still Haven't Destroyed Earth
Whis and myself visit five compelling reasons to keep Earth around in spite of all the problem it causes, and rate those reasons by crust and sauce.
Tags // Universe7 : Pizza : EarthFood
Channels // Culinary Arts : Travel & Places
Added: 6 months ago by TheGoodBrother
Runtime: 33:44 | Views: 227 | Comments: 122
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Kaio driving
Timelapse Drive in 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air
Nice leisurely drive up and down my planet, recorded with the brand new dashcam that Son Goku got me from Earth. Gregory almost causes me to drive off the road at one point!
Tags // Universe7 : Dashcam : VintageCar
Channels // Automobiles & Vehicles : Travel & Places
Added: 2 months ago by U7NorthKaio
Runtime: 16:20 | Views: 98 | Comments: 26
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Vados laughing
Pranking a God of Destruction and His Brother
The great comedian Vados returns with another delightful prank on her God of Destruction. This time, Champa's brother Beerus gets tricked too! Only a few hundred million people died to make this video possible.
Tags // Universe6 : Pranks : PlanetaryExplosions
Channels // Comedy : Entertainment
Added: 1 year ago by LadyVados
Runtime: 12:55 | Views: 2,105 | Comments: 901
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How Mortals Exploit the Naive and Forgiving Nature of the Gods
From the massacres of Universe 7's Kaioshins by a runaway mortal pet, to the unforgivable creation of a time machine by a Universe 12 mortal, the cosmos have long been plagued by a vile infestation of detestable vermin known as humans. In this video, I shall once again break down that which we all know to be true, but are too brow-beaten to dare voice.
This user has perished in a violent inter-universal incident that he sparked. His videos will be left up for posterity. - Grand Priest

Comments locked due to prolonged flamewar between Kaioshins from Universes 2 and 9. - Grand Priest
Tags // Universe10 : Conspiracy : BannedFromSpacebook : Zamasu
Channels // Politics
Added: 1 year ago by OneTrueGod777
Runtime: 45:22 | Views: 442 | Comments: 1,839
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