Today at 1402 on Beerus' Planet

  Son Goku


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  Son Goku: The search thingy broke again :(
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  Vegeta: For fuck's sake, Kakarotto, stop spamming my feed with this crap every day and learn to use the search bar.
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  Toppo: To add to what Vegeta said, I have already told you no less than 11 times that Jiren doesn't have a Spacebook account.
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  Son Goku: Hi Toppo! Wanna spar? Can Jiren spar right now?!
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  Vegeta: You cheating fuck!
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Today at 1323 on Ice Continent, Planet Earth

  Son Gohan

Another beautiful day out here on the Ice Continent as my colleague Dr. Flute and I continue our intense study of the micro-organisms living deep within the ice. #biology

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  Chichi: I'm so proud of you!!! SO glad you didn't turn out like your musclehead of a father!!! xoxoxo
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  Son Goku: I can feel you and Piccolo sparrin' all the way over at Beerus' place! I can't wait to see how strong you are when I get back to Earth!
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  Son Gohan: Oh come on, father...
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  Chichi: Wait, WHAT?!
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Today at 1251 from mobile, near Planet Netfiss


Another terrorist attack by the dastardly Devan Shell has been foiled by the Pride Troopers. Remember kids, crime doesn't pay! #justice #pride #carrotus

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  Freeza: May I ask if your organisation accepts contracts outside of Universe 11? I am dealing with a loathsome goatman and his band of ruffians destroying my property values left and right and I would rather not sully my hands with such filth.
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  Dyspo: We're a force for justice, not a group of dirty mercenaries!! #justice #pride
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  Freeza: A pity, I could offer quite a lofty sum. Well then, would anyone reading this happen to have Hitto's contact information?
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  Vados: PM me.
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Today at 1247 from Universe 10 Kaioshin Planet


Check out my new GodTube video about THE perfect Gyokuro brewing ritual! #godtube #gyokuro

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  Shin: Not to take away from the quality of the content, but almost no one can view that...
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  Toppo: Exquisite!!! I shall try this as soon as my shift ends!
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  Gowasu: Thank you, Toppo. My apologies, Shin. I am not familiar with "the SuperTube" and its interface. Cus will put it up when she has time.
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Today at 1206 from Ribrianne's Mansion on Planet Rubov


My SpaceTube Beauty Tips channel is now on GodTube too! Check out my newest video to learn how to strike the most beautiful pose you possibly can! #love #beauty #poses #kamikazefireballs

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  Toppo: Your technique and sense of pose style are truly unmatched! This video is truly JUSTICE!!
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  Vegeta: Why the hell does this crap exist at all, let alone on two separate sites?!
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  Ribrianne: TY Toppo!! Vegeta don't make me come over there!!!
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Today at 1158 from Beerus' Planet


It's not easy being the supreme warrior in all of the universes, but not even this burden is too much to bear for the Prince of all Saiyans.

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  Bulma: OK. Vegeta, if you're just going to shitpost on here all day instead of training, you can come home and do it with your family!
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  Vegeta: This is training!
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  Bulma: Yeah, I'm sure you're giving your strong Saiyan fingers a REAL workout right now.
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  Whis: Ms. Bulma, if I may, I believe that Mr. Vegeta is currently under the impression that distracting himself with his phone while sparring will help him develop the unconscious fighting reflexes needed to attain Ultra Instinct. Only time will tell if this method shall actually bear fruit.
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Today at 1132 from Planet Earth, Universe 6


Just tried this new "pizza" thing on my earth... TASTY!! Anyone on earth know any other good stuff I should try?

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  Beerus: A diet.
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  Champa: FU BEERUS!!!!!!
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Today at 1111 from Planet Latem, Universe 6



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