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Hey everyone! I'm Koshka and this is my groovy Dragon Ball fan site! If you're a REAL Dragon Ball fan, you may have heard that there's an awesome new DBZ show out in Japan where Goku goes SSj5, Freeza comes back with a new form, Future Trunks fights an Evil Goku, and Broly fights Gogeta. No, I'm not talking about that fake AF stuff. This is the real deal: Dragon Ball SUPER!

Luckily for you, my uncle's wife works at Nintendo, so I have a bunch of exclusive information about Japanese stuff! If you're curious to know more about this cool new show then read on!!!!!

Son Goku doing a Kamehameha

Here's my collection of rare Dragon Ball Super images. Click on the thumbnails to see the full image!!

SSj8 Goku
Here's Goku's STRONGEST form: SSj8!! I think the Japanese give it some weird name like "Migatte no Goku" or whatever lol.
SSj7 Vegeta
This is SSj7! This is the strongest form that Vegeta gets! Goku skips right over it though!!
Sixth Form Frieza
I think this is either Coola or Freeza's new form. Fifth? Sixth?
SSj Videl
This is Videl, as a Super Saiyan!!! Bet Freeza must be happy he finally got a power-up or he'd really look bad after this one lol
Broly vs. Gogeta
LSSj Broly vs. SSj6 Gogeta!!!!!
SSj10 Evil Future Goku
I dunno what form this is. Evil Goku uses it so it probably made him evil from how strong it is. It's also super cool looking so maybe it's SSj10?!

There's six sagas so far as I know, spanning 130 or so episodes. Here's all I know:

The Beers Saga

It looks like this one is about some evil cat god named Beers showing up. He has a power level of over 1 trillion and easily beats up SSj3 Goku on King Kaio's planet. Then he goes to Earth and beats up Gohan and eats all of his pudding. Videl goes SSj from seeing her husband get beat up but even that's not enough so Goku absorbs everyone's power and goes SSj5. He has red hair and red eyes in that form! Sadly Beers is even stronger and beats Goku up again but Goku teaches him a lesson about friendship in the process so he leaves peacefully.

The Freeza's Revenge Saga

Freeza comes back somehow (maybe he and Cell took over Hell again). He brings along some red goat man from Hell who has a power level of over 5 billion and beats up Piccolo. Freeza also transforms into a new SSj-like form that makes him GOLDEN!! Goku manages to go SSj6, which gives him cyan hair and cyan eyes, but Freeza still beats him up. I heard that Vegeta goes SSj6 too so they must win using the teamwork that the Buu Saga taught them the need for.

The Beers' Brother Saga

Beers' brother Champa shows up (I guess he wanted to steal everyone's pudding too?) and has a power level as big as his brothers! He challenges everyone to a tournament against some evil Piccolo guy named Hit and another Saiyan survivor but Goku wins the tournament by using Kaio-ken in his SSj6 form like he did in the Pikkon tournament.

The Evil Goku Saga

Future Trunks wishes Goku back with the Namek Dragon Balls but Goku has been training really hard in Heaven and has reached the terrifying level of SSj10!!! All the power makes him evil so he decides to kill everyone. It looks like his evil power corrupted the Supreme Kai too. Goku and Vegeta show up from the past and fuse into SSj6 Vegetto but it's not enough so Trunks goes SSj5.5 (?) and makes a Spirit Bomb to help them!

The Freeza Games Saga?

Freeza comes back to life again (I know right?!) and forces Goku and friends to fight in an evil tournament to survive. In the tournament they have to fight some handsome grey alien man who has a power level of 100 decillion. Then some MORE Saiyans survivors (I know right?!) show up and use the Potaras to fuse!! Vegeta goes SSj7 but he only has a power level of 10 octillion so the grey guy beats him so Goku goes SSj8 and beats up the evil Saiyan fusion and the grey guy. Freeza survives to the next saga for some reason but Goku and the grey guy probably at least got together and beat him up to teach him about friendship.

The Broly's Revenge Saga

Freeza wishes Broly and his father back to get revenge. Broly got really strong in Hell so he beats everyone up. Goku and Vegeta can't go SSj7 or SSj8 for some reason so they fuse into Gogeta and go SSj6 and shoot Broly into the Sun again.

That's about all I know. Send me an e-mail if you've heard anything else!

Piccolo firing a Gekiretsu Kodan

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