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Latest Updates

07 March 2021
I did another major revamp to the Portal. This should be the last one for a while at least, as I can finally say that I am truly happy with how it looks. For anyone who liked the World Map, you'll be happy to know that there's now a copy of it at the bottom of the Portal.

Beyond this, I also added reviews of two new excellent tales of woe to the Haunted House section - Necrosleep and Meek. I also added a new link to an excellent Commander Keen mod and fangame website to the Dock - Quillax Ship. Enjoy!!

06 March 2021
Long time visitors may remember that I initially promised to create an Image Map for this website before abandoning it due to being bashful about my drawing abilities. Inspiration struck me yesterday however, and I finally went through with creating one! You can find it by clicking here, or near the bottom of the Portal. Make sure you have JavaScript enabled or else it won't function!

I'm planning to make some large tweaks to the Portal one of these days, and perhaps the World Map will live on that page after all is said and done.

04 March 2021
Added a new page to the Mount Paozu section: Dragon Ball AF Super. A satirical page about Dragon Ball Super, in the vein of those ancient Dragon Ball AF sites from the 90s.

Check out The Scratching Post for a complete archive of this website's updates!


Greetings, traveler! You are now entering Koshka's Kingdom, my humble settlement in the vast seas of cyberspace.

My name is Koshka (Russian for cat) and I am a devotee of many things who misses the free, wild, and creative Web of olde, and is grateful for the opportunity that Neocities has bestowed upon me and others to recreate it. In spite of the aesthetics of this website, I am in fact a male - I'm just a big fan of "girly" aesthetics like pink/purple, hearts, cats, etc and not afraid to show it.

Please sign my Guestbook if you have any feedback or suggestions to share. It's always appreciated!!

This website is best viewed on... an actual computer? All I know is that it looks fine on my desktop PC's monitor at 1600 x 1200 in Pale Moon. If you experience any trouble with the website, please contact me and I will see what I can do.

There is a little green Evil Eye from the video game Doom haunting the website. His name is Macula and I assure you that he is harmless, just a little mischievous and prone to uncomfortable levels of eye contact.

This website is always under construction, please be patient and be sure to check back later for more content!! You can subscribe to this website's RSS feed by clicking here, if you want to get notified when I update the site!

The pink kitten images are from Bonnibel's graphics collection here at Neocities. Thank you!!

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