Wildcat Den

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Hi! I am Koshka and I... am terrible at About Me pages, but I guess this being a Web 1.0 page, I am sorta obligated to put one here. So per tradition, here is some utterly pointless information about me that nobody cares about.

As you may have guessed from the park signs, this page is named after the Wildcat Den State Park in Iowa. While I have never actually been there (maybe some day...) I adore the name and wanted to use it somewhere.

Hobbies: Music (listening to,) reading, isolation, nature walks, astrophysics and cosmology, paranormal/supernatural stuff, psychology (especially autism), evolutionary biology, writing, drawing.
Likes: Cats, animals in general, winter/autumn, daydreaming, naps, vampires, driving in the countryside, privacy, tea.
Loathes: Loud/stupid/ignorant people (lots of overlap here,) shallow conversations, summer/spring, cities, social events, dogs, social norms and society in general, (smart)phones, social media.
Favourite bands/artists: KOTOKO, Sisters of Mercy, Motorhead, Ministry, The Ramones, Warren Zevon, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Nick Cave, Frank Sinatra, Vladimir Vysotsky, Depeche Mode, The Doors, David Bowie, Tool.
Favourite colour: Pink, mostly something like this or this
Favourite games: Classic: Tetris, Commander Keen series, Raptor: Call of the Shadows, Jazz Jackrabbit 1 and 2, Crystal Caves, Monster Bash, Xargon, Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure, Doom 1 and 2, Wacky Wheels, ZZT (for the fan-made games and the game creation system, not the actual base game.)

Modern(-ish): S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Fallout 3, Metro 2033 series, Control, Half-Life 1.

Favourite show: Dragon Ball (all four shows.)
Biography: I was born in the early 90s and... some time after that I made this website? Also I'm autistic and semi-seriously identify as a cat.
Gender: Male

Pink mailbox with Koshka written on it.
Feel free to get in touch if you have something to say! The best/easiest method is probably to e-mail me at kotto!777@y!andex.co!m (remove the exclamation marks.) You can also sign my Guestbook if you want to leave me a message. I'm trying to check it pretty frequently, and you can subscribe it via the RSS feed if you want to see my response.

If you have a Neocities account you can of course message/fellow my site on here.

Don't feed the animals