Koshka's Kingdom

The Scratching Post
Wildcat Den
Mount Paozu
Town of ZZT
Castle of Doom
Library of Babel
Reptile House
Haunted House


Last updated on 14 November 2020
All images taken from old Geocities sites and Bonnibel's graphics collection here on Neocities. Thank you!

God Tier

These are so good that reading them needs to be on your bucket list)

Demi-God Tier

These are wonderful but not on the level of the literary masterpieces in the previous tier.

Mortal Tier

These are just average. Not spectacular but not bad either.

Feelspasta Tier*

These are creepypastas that are meant more to make you cry than to scare you.

Note: I am including these stories in their own category not because I think they're bad, but because a lot of people don't like feelspastas. Personally I think the ones on these list are some of the best creepypastas out there, but different strokes for different folks (nmiaow) and all that.

Trash Tier

Self-explanatory -- don't bother with these unless you feel like wasting your time on drivel.