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The Library of Babel

Welcome to the Library of Babel, a slowly growing library of my rants/thoughts/theories about anything and everything. The name for this page comes from a thought experiment and short story by Jorge Luis Borges, which imagines an infinitely large library, containing an infinite number of books covering every possible combination of characters (letters, numbers, punctuation.) Presumably there would also be an infinite number of monkeys banging on an infinite number of typewriters somewhere to produce these books as well. The vast majority of books in such a library would obviously be complete nonsense, but there would also, by pure chance, be a copy of every real book ever written somewhere.

Although there is not enough space or building materials in the entire (observable) universe to ever accommodate a library of such size (let alone the monkeys needed to create it, the food needed to sustain them, and so on) it's still both an interesting concept to ponder upon, and a fitting name for this page. Feel free to look around and read to your heart's content. Just don't get lost, and don't bother the cats living on the shelves. They are busy protecting my tomes from being eaten by mice, and would prefer to be let alone.

As of 29 November, there is now a Guestbook using HTML Comment Box that you can sign if you so wish. You are free to remain anonymous and you do not need an account anywhere in order to read or comment. Anything less would violate the Web 1.0 spirit that I wish to preserve on this site.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that I am very much opposed to any form of (self) censorship and may oftentimes say things that are mean and/or offensive. That is part and parcel of an environment with free speech, which is something that the Internet used to be and should return to being. I try to be entertaining here, and people seem to consider me to be most humourous when I am merely being my completely unfiltered and crude aspie self, so there's that. I am not normally as hostile and crass as I am here. Nothing that I write here is written with the express purpose of offending anyone. "It's just entertainment," as the saying goes.

Library Contents


Suicide Prevention is Selfish - obvious trigger warning
The World is Way Too Fucking Loud
My Personal Principles on Web Design
Writing is Objectively Superior to Speaking as a Communication Method
Devil's Advocate: War is Indeed Peace, Freedom is Indeed Slavery, Ignorance is Indeed Strength
I Hate Social Events
I Love the Coronavirus - obligatory "angry political rambling" warning
Words/Phrases That I Hate - obligatory "angry political rambling" warning
How Normiefication Causes Everything to Go to the Dogs

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