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Welcome to the UFO! This section is dedicated to Autism Spectrum "Disorder" (ASD,) a highly misunderstood neurotype that I want to share my perspective on. The discourse on autism is unfortunately still dominated by (sometimes maliciously) ignorant neurotypicals instead of actually autistic people, and I'd like to use my little corner of the web to attempt to mitigate that.

Like many other autistic people, I don't consider autism to necessarily be a "disorder," a disability, or a mental illness. It is a neurotype - a different way of being wired mentally. While it is true that there are many autistic people that have mental disabilities, this is only part of the story. Autistic people are simultaneously more likely than non-autistics to have very high IQs and very low IQs. According to a report by the Dutch Autistic Register, 16% of autistic people have IQs above 130, compared to only 2.3% of neurotypicals.

You may have noticed the rainbow infinity symbol in the "Autistic Pride" button at the bottom of each page. This is a popular symbol for autism in the autistic community that many prefer to the more commonly used puzzle piece. The latter symbol was created by non-autistics and was intended to represent the false idea that autistic people are some sort of enigma that cannot be understood. The rainbow infinity symbol is meant to represent the infinite diversity of the autistic spectrum and the people on it. More on all of this later.

The name and theme for this section are references to the commonly expressed sentiment that being autistic makes one feel like they're an alien living on the "wrong" planet. The fact that it gives me an excuse to give the page a funky theme doesn't hurt either.

Some of the terms that I will be using in this section are ones that most people are unfamiliar with. If you see a word that you don't know the meaning of, you can hopefully find an explanation for it in the autism-related terminology subsection below.

If you want to check out some more helpful autism-related resources on the web, you can find some informative (and humourous) sites about autism in the Autism section over at the Dock.


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More sections coming as soon as I have time/motivation to make them!