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Latest Updates

12 May 2021
I updated the Somnium and the Words/Phrases That I Hate articles over at the Library of Babel, and also renamed the General Griping subsection to "Comedy/General Griping" to better fit its contents.

08 May 2021
Quietly made another series of tiny changes around the website in the interests of aesthetics and making the website more easy to find via search engines.

After prolonged rumination on the matter, I also culled my Affiliates list down to people who link back (and a few friends.) Affiliates are still listed in order of when they were added.

02 May 2021
I added a new page to the UFO, Discovering My Autism as an Adult, describing my journey of self-discovery after learning that I was autistic.

01 May 2021
After spending far too much time listening to melancholic Sisters of Mercy songs, I had a vision of a more "subdued" yet still cute looking design for the Portal. I can't even keep track of how many times I've re-designed the front page, so no guarantees about how long this iteration will stick around.

I haven't been in a good enough state of mind to write much lately, but I'm hoping to have a new, much-belated page up on the UFO some time tomorrow. The last day of Autism Acceptance Month was yesterday, but better late than never!

27 April 2021
I return from my hiatus with a new article on the UFO section - The Operating System Metaphor. I also made a series of under-the-hood changes all around the website, and gave the 404 page a spiffier design. Macula deserved better than he had.

19 April 2021
Spurred on by the waning of Autism Acceptance Month, I decided to write up yet another new page for the UFO: Debunking the "Autism Epidemic" Myth, which presents several compelling (in my opinion) reasons to believe that the so-called explosion in autism diagnoses over the past few decades is completely nonexistent.

18 April 2021
I added a number of new affiliates (followers) to the Portal and the Dock. That is all.

17 April 2021
I added another new page to the UFO about the Double Empathy Problem, a fascinating theory about autistic and neurotypical interactions, and whether or not autistic differences can be considered deficiencies. Still slowly chipping away at the writer's block.

11 April 2021
I added a new page to the UFO - Life Through Autism-Tinted Glasses - detailing various everyday experiences and events and how they can feel to an autistic person.

10 April 2021
I replaced the buttons on the sidebar with ones that are hopefully easier to read. They look a bit off on a few sections, so I may later make custom buttons for a number of sections, similiar to what I did for the Mystery Mansion.

I haven't been updating much lately due to a perfect of storm of problems, starting with a foot injury that made it difficult to even sit for long and followed by a depressing rut that utterly sapped my mental energy and that I have not yet fully recovered from. I've been working on multiple new pages at once and constantly hitting a wall with each of them. Hopefully I will have something new up some time tomorrow or thereabouts.

04 April 2021
In celebration of Easter, I have put up a Jazz Jackrabbit 1 shrine over on the Mystery Mansion section. This is an interactible page that requires both JavaScript and a browser that allows auto-playing background music (so not Chromium or any of its derivatives) in order to get the full effect.

I know that at least one person is waiting for the Commander Keen 4 shrine (tentatively called The Shadowlands), and that will certainly be the next shrine I do, eventually.

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Greetings, traveler! You are now entering Koshka's Kingdom, my humble settlement in the vast seas of cyberspace. I am Koshka (Russian for cat) and I am a devotee of many things who misses the free, wild, and creative Web of olde, and is grateful for the opportunity that Neocities has bestowed upon me and others to recreate it.

In spite of the aesthetics of the front page, I am in fact a male - I'm just a big fan of "girly" aesthetics like pink/purple, hearts, cats, etc and not afraid to show it. Don't be deterred if you don't like the look of this page -- every section has its own unique theme!

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