Koshka's Kingdom

Welcome to my humble little den in cyberspace! My name is Koshka (Russian for cat,) and I'm a fan of many things, who misses the wild, creative web of olde and is grateful for the opportunity that Neocities has bestowed upon me and others to recreate it. In spite of how the website looks, I am in fact a male - I'm just a big fan of "girly" aesthetics like pink/purple, hearts, cats, etc. Still beats me what any of those things have to do with feminity. If all men are pigs, then shouldn't pink be masculine? But I am rambling.

This website is best viewed on... an actual computer? All I know is that it looks fine on my desktop PC's monitor. I have no idea how it looks on laptops or mobile things but if you're having trouble, feel free to e-mail me and I'll see what I can do.

This website is under construction, please be patient and be sure to check back later for more content!!

26 November 2020
After spending quite a few hours procrastinating on cooking Thanksgiving dinner by working on the website, I finally managed to finish some important work. The Per-Bast section, about the Kemetic Goddess Bast, is finally complete. Additionally, the Dock/Links page finally has a design. I kinda wish I had spent longer working on the latter but I was tired and it's still quite a few steps up from the borderline unreadable 10 second design that it had previously. I also added a new category to the Dock to help keep things better organised and added yet a few more links.

For anyone that may care, I just finally figured out how to access the RSS feed for this website. If you want to get a notification when I update (and you don't have a Neocities account,) you can subscribe to this feed. That's it for now. Happy Thanksgiving!

24 November 2020
Added a new rant to the Library of Babel page about something that I have been meaning to speak up about for quite some time now - the superiourity of written/typed communication over verbal/in-person communication. There are also half a dozen new creepypasta reviews over at the Haunted House, and a few new links over at the Dock. Finally, I just learned that Neocities allows for 404 pages and as such have added a basic one. You can view it by clicking here or by simply attempting to navigate to any nonexistent page or file here. It's not much but I have been searching for an excuse to use that cute/creepy little Evil Eye from Doom somewhere, and am pleased that it now has a whole page to call home.

One of these days I'm going to either finish making a real design for the Dock or just replace it with something bare bones because it annoys me every time I have to go over there. I'm probably going to add more categories too because I have clearly underestimated how large that page was going to grow when I first made it.

I might update again before that's over with, but if I don't, Happy Thanksgiving to any American/Brazilian people reading this!!

21 November 2020
I put up a new rant on the Library of Babel page, and added yet two more links to the Dock page. Happy reading and/or exploring! (:

15 November 2020
I wasn't planning on doing two updates this weekend, but I had a sudden fit of inspiration/boredom and wound up creating something nice for the Mount Paozu (Dragon Ball) page -- a representation of what the "Spacebook" referenced in Team Four Star's DBZ Abridged might look like if it existed in Dragon Ball Super. It doesn't quite resemble facebook but I am very rusty when it comes to CSS so whatever. I also made it purple both because I don't like the colour blue, and because I figure that if a multiversal social media thing existed in DBS, it may likely be owned by Freeza or Beerus. I also added a new link on the Dock, per tradition. Enjoy!

14 November 2020
I re-arranged the site layout a touch -- there is now an obligatory "About Me" page called Wildcat Den. This page (the news/updates page) is now called the Scratching Post (har har) instead. I guess this page will need a new design eventually. There's also a few new creepypasta reviews up on the Haunted House page, and two new links on the Dock.

Neocities doesn't seem to like it when I try to upload too many .html files at once, so I think I'm going to wait until every single page is up before making sure that the sidebar is up to date on every single page. I'm sure there's a fancy modern solution that allows one to avoid updating it manually on each page, but I am too stubbornly old school to use it even if I knew what it was. For now, just go to the front page or the Dock if you need an up-to-date sidebar, as those two get updated every time I update anything on here.

While I'm ranting, I want to give a big thank you to our friends at Wiby - the definitive Web 1.0 search engine - for adding this website to their index. If you haven't checked their search engine out already, you really should.

08 November 2020
I finally put up the Haunted House page. Too late for Halloween, but just in time for the horrifying possibility of the most incompetent and corrupt worms that have ever ran for president successfully cheating their way into ruling the free world. Let us all pray that Ma'at will prevail and this coup will be rightfully put down before it can succeed.

Anyway, I decided to settle for creepypasta reviews for the Haunted House page. Before I created this website, I had a dream about a cool looking Halloween-themed Web 1.0 website, so I wanted to have something like that on here. Only 17 reviews up so far, but I'm lazy and have too many other things to do. I'll keep updating it as time goes on.

02 November 2020
In an uncharacteristic display of not being a complete slacker, I have put up the Town of ZZT page, and also added over a dozen additional links to the Dock. There should be something for everybody over there by now, but if there isn't, feel free to send me any links that you think belong there.

01 November 2020
OK, so I was too lazy to get the Haunted House section up in time for Halloween. I apologize and present this trailer for STALKER 2 as an offering, in the hopes that it may fulfill any spookiness needs that anyone may have.

I did add a new rant to the Library of Babel (and updated the disclaimer,) as well as a good number of new links to the Dock page. I'm slowly remembering good sites that I've seen in the past and forgotten about. With the indexes of most search engines being flooded with crappy web 2.0 garbage, we appear to be in a recurrence of the pre-Google/Altavista era where the best way to find quality websites is through Links pages on other websites, and as such I want to make that page as robust as possible. Feel free to contact me if you have any links that you think I should add. Web 1.0-style pages are preferred.

22 October 2020
Put another (largely political) rant up in the Library of Babel, and added two more links to the Dock/links page. I'm going to make an effort to write the next one while sober and keep it free of politics. There's a lot of interesting stuff that I want to talk about, but right now I'm just getting stuff off my chest and trying to remember how to write again, I guess.

19 October 2020
Added another rant to the Library of Babel page. Also added a much-needed disclaimer to said page. Yay?

13 October 2020
Well, that certainly took a lot longer than I anticipated. I sincerely apologise in case anyone has actually been checking this page and waiting for an update.

There's a new section up now, the Library of Babel, which will serve as a place to hold my many rants about a variety of topics. So far there's only one up, but there is a fancy custom background that took way too much of my time to put together. I also made a number of new buttons for the bottom of each page, added a nice "favicon" of a pink Ankh, and added a number of new links to the links (Dock) page. That's it for now, I think. I am hoping to have the Haunted House page up by Halloween.

24 August 2020
Added the astrophysics section (Observatory) with a nice guide on some theoretical stars and stellar remnants. It has a cooler looking theme than the rest of the site, but I am still debating on whether I want to use something like it for the rest of the site or not as it is not very Geocities-esque. More fun stuff to come as soon as I am able to put it together!

14 August 2020
Added a Dragon Ball section (Mount Paozu Hat) with an (hopefully) entertaining page dedicated to everybody's favourite Kaioshin. Also added a fancy(-ish) header. This site is slowly starting to come together! Also, also made the background darker for better readability at the suggestion of a friend and scaled it up a bit to my personal preference. It's now kind of pixelated, but also looks more like rocks. (:

09 August 2020
So it wound up taking a lot longer than I had hoped, but I finally got some basic work done on this website. I renovated this page with some nice graphics, all of which were made by me aside from the little animated construction worker gif on the top right (which came from an "Under Construction" gif compendium from the original Geocities) and added a fairly robust Links page. Still not much to see here, but at least anybody who visits can at least be directed towards places with actual content. No solid plans on what comes next. I have a number of projects that I am either working on here and there or considering working on. Notably I have a few Dragon Ball fanfictions and other stuff planned out, and a pretty good ZZT game from years ago that I still haven't finished.

04 August 2020
Finally got around to putting something (however meager) together on here. Not much so far besides the barest backbone of a front page but it's a start. I made and put some buttons on the bottom of the page too. I want to eventually cut out the sidebar and replace it with a nice image map but I haven't done much pixel art in the past however many years so I don't feel confident trying to do that yet. Perhaps if I'm not too sleepy after work I'll at least decorate or flesh out this sad little page a bit.