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Last updated on 07 December 2021

Background image and animated Moons taken from old Geocities sites. Animated jack o'lantern divider bar taken from Bonnibel's graphics collection here on Neocities. Thank you! All other graphics by yours truly.

Welcome to the Haunted House! This is where I post reviews of various creepypastas that I have read. If you don't already know, creepypastas are horror stories that are posted on the Internet, often on websites such as 4chan. They are a sort of modern equivalent to scary campfire stories, and have been around in some form or another since at least the 90s.

String of Jack O'Lanterns

Table of Contents

String of Jack O'Lanterns

5/5 Stars - Eldritch Abomination Tier

These are so good that reading them needs to be on your bucket list. Just make sure you don't do so before bed if you scare easily.

String of Jack O'Lanterns

4/5 Stars - Master Vampire Tier

These are masterful works of horror fiction.
String of Jack O'Lanterns

3/5 Stars - Werewolf Tier

These are more or less average. They might creep you out, but they won't stay with you for long.
String of Jack O'Lanterns

2/5 Stars - Zombie Tier

These are subpar at best, but do have at least some redeeming qualities that keep them from being classified as full-on crappypastas.

String of Jack O'Lanterns

1/5 Stars - Crappypasta Tier

Self-explanatory -- don't bother with these unless you enjoy wasting your time on drivel.

String of Jack O'Lanterns

<3/5 Stars - Feelspasta Tier

These are creepypastas that are more likely to make you cry than shiver.

Note: I am including these stories in their own category not because I think they're bad, but because a lot of people don't like feelspastas. Personally I think the ones on these list are some of the best creepypastas out there, but different strokes for different folks (nmiaow) and all that.