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Welcome to the Dock, traveler! Here you can find an entire fleet of ships waiting to take you to exciting locales all over the vast sea of cyberspace! Some are in exotic, faraway lands, while some are right here in Neocities. Happy adventuring and be sure to stay safe out there!

The Dock is always under construction.

I believe that we are, unfortunately enough, living in a dark era much like the one that preceded AltaVista and Google. Due to how flooded most search engines are with crap mainstream websites (Wiby being the most notable exception,) it has become difficult if not impossible to find actual quality websites by searching for them, and links pages on regular websites have once again become the best tool for finding other good websites.

As such, I am always looking to expand this section. If you have any links that you think I should add, please contact me and let me know. Sites that have Web 1.0-ish designs and/or are relevant to the below categories are preferred.

A few of the sites have buttons, depending on whether buttons exist for them and/or if I felt like making one for them. If you see your site here and have a button that you want me to use for its link, please send it to me and I will add it.

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Table of Contents
Affiliates General Geocities/Web 1.0
Search Engines and Website Directories Bast & Other Kemetic Goddesses and Gods
Autism Dragon Ball
Astrophysics & Cosmology Evolutionary Biology
Useful Free Programs Other Computer-Related Resources
Creepypasta ZZT
Commander Keen Jazz Jackrabbit
Doom General Retro Games
Mysticism and Supernatural Web Forums
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Golden ship wheel. Affiliates Golden ship wheel.

ShadowM00n's Summit - The comfy budding Neocities site of my friend and fellow veteran of the 90s Web, ShadowM00n. Right now it's focusing on video games and technology, but the possibilities are endless, so make sure to check in and see what he comes up with next!

lolwut - A KolymaNET (formerly Neocities) website that contains - among other things - some humourous and informative articles on internet culture history, and a massive Links page. There is a Neocities mirror here that is no longer updated save for the change log.

Prints's Pink Palace - A wonderfully pink website featuring ratings of many different anime, links to torrents of now-obscure fan-subtitled anime, a hefty links page, and an adorable design. Definitely a website worth watching, considering how new it is, as it is shall surely expand its blossoms ever further as time goes on.

Pztlz Shoebox - The very cute personal Neocities website of Pztlz. The entire website features some pretty top-notch Web 1.0 designs, and the front page especially gives off a very strong vibe of nostalgia for the great web that once was...

Grafo Volaverunt - The personal website of the supremely talented indie musician and writer Grafo Volaverunt. Check out his work and donate to him if you like it!

Arrows n Stuff - A comfy and cute Neocities page currently hosting information on the creator's favourite bird species, some algebraic geometry exercises, a fan shrine to Alice Nanagaki from Dasaku, and an incredibly well-written creepypasta story. The writing on this website is well worth reading for the comedic value even if the topics do not pique your interest.

YouTuube - A neat website spotlighting the good old days of the Web, most specifically YouTube. It also contains comprehensive lists of other interesting websites if excellent website designs and Web nostalgia aren't enough to reel you in.

Cyber-Witch - The funky and uniquely designed website of Beth, a transhumanist and writer of transhumanist-positive fiction. The site features a very nice Old Web shrine, and some very high quality writing. While the website was tragically deleted in 2021, it is survived by the aforelinked partial backup.

BMH Online - A website featuring some interesting personal projects, shrines to some neat old technology, and other cool stuff.

NENKOWEB - The modest, cozy website of Nenko. There is not a lot of content as of this writing, but it does have that comfy 90s vibe.

Emo - The personal website of the True Chaotic madlad known as Emo.

Just Fluffing Around - A cute little up and coming website dedicated to the author's soulbonds, crafting, and media they are a fan of.

Blood Covered Webcam - A steadily growing dark Myspace-esque website. Not much content yet, but the design is well worth looking at. - A genuine hand-made Web 1.0 site hosting a steadily growing repository of information about the Ancient Greek language.

C04X14L - A website showcasing some cute art and other miscellaneous things, and offering commissions. The website comes in both a plain text version and a spiffier more Geocities style version.

Omoulo - A funky website showcasing a variety of artwork.

SUKIYAKI CITY - The very fancy Neocities website of Carla, featuring her various (high quality!) artworks, photography, and other cool stuff. Give it a visit. It's pretty big and feels like one of those giant-ish sites of the distant past.

Neocities Neighborhoods - A vast organised archive of homesteaders and netizens from all over Neocities.

Bliss Net - An adorable and superbly designed website here on Neocities. It looks like a number of the sections are still under construction (or just unreachable due to some oddities in Pale Moon) but what's there is already more than pretty enough to warrant a visit.

Dannarchy - An impressive and fairly massive website featuring all sorts of content related to retro gaming, Web culture, music, programming, and so forth.

The Chronicles - A particularly disturbing and enigmatic corner of the Web. Still not sure if this is meant to be artistic or if the author is simply insane.

Vomitboyz - Not safe for epileptic people.

Spirit Cellar - A masterfully designed online castle dedicated to the author's various interests. Worth an adventure on if you want to see a testament to just what can be accomplished with personal websites.

Svetlana Studios - An emerging personal portfolio website by animator/illustrator and fellow Russian Svetlana.

tURTLEwITCH - A groovy celebration of the old Web, creativity, and the glory of being a Webmaster.

Arez - A growing, shiny personal site dedicated to the Y2K author's interests.

Soukds - A cute, cheery, and optimistic website that currently features a collection of links and some of the Webmaster's thoughts.

Actually Autistic Blogs List - A vast collection of personal websites and blogs by Actually Autistic people such as myself.

antikrist - A very aesthetic personal website containing some graphics, a Christmas section,, and some information about the author. - A very comfy Web 1.0 website featuring the author's musical work, videos, writings, and other interesting things. The nostalgic Windows XP article is well worth a read, if nothing else.

Agora Road's Macintosh Cafe - A nostalgic Y2K Web forum community dedicated to the discussion of video games, anime, politics, paranormal, religion, and other topics.

Metaparadox - The website of a fellow autistic person and old Web nostalgic, featuring her art and other creative work.

Also check out the various websites that I follow here on Neocities!!

Ship wheel. General Geocities/Web 1.0 Ship wheel.

Neocities - The gracious hosts of this website and countless more wonderful websites, who are bringing the spirit of freedom and creativity from the world wide web of olde back to life. You can find all sorts of wonderful sites that are hosted on there, about all sorts of topics. Many are Web 1.0 themed like mine, but not all.

Wiby - A very special search engine that only delivers results from the Web 1.0 parts of the Internet (which Neocities and by extension this website are a part of.) If you miss the days of the web consisting primarily of smaller, personal websites designed by nerds, hobbyists, academics, etc instead of commercialised crap, this search engine is worth spending some time with. - This absolute godsend of a website is an incomprehensibly vast library containing archived versions of countless websites. You can find both old versions of existing websites, as well as extinct websites that can no longer accessed anywhere other than this site. In addition to the website archive that it is well known for, also hosts a massive collection of books, movies, computer programs, and so forth.

DMOZ - A huge website directory that groups millions of websites (many of them web 1.0 sites on Angelfire and Tripod) by a wide variety of categories. Reminds me a lot of looking up websites in the old directories that Yahoo! had 20-some years ago.

Curlie - This appears to be an alternate version of the DMOZ archive. It was updated more recently and features the ability to manually search for sites, but appears to have less total websites in its archive. - A hosting service similiar to Neocities, that also hosts a partial backup of the original Geocities.

The Geocities Gallery - A restoration and visual gallery of the archived Geocities homesteads.

OoCities - Another partial backup of the original Geocities. This one is much more easy to access and look through than the one on

Cameron's World - A huge, adorable collage made out of gifs from Geocities websites. Many of the gifs will take you to the archived website that they came from, if you click on them.

The Website Obesity Crisis - An excellent speech decrying the bloated, centralised, shartphone-centric web of new and arguing for why everyone would benefit for a return to the web of olde.

Peelopaalu - A website directory here on Neocities with a pretty decent set of links for you to surf to.

see also: in the "Search Engines" section below, to attempt to look up Geocities sites that didn't get saved by WS or OoCities.

Ship wheel. Search Engines Ship wheel.

DuckDuckGo - A cute little privacy-centric search engine that should be everybody's first choice for web searches. I was initially going to write that it's like Google except it doesn't spy on you. At this point however, even the search results are arguably much better than Google because it gives uncensored and unbiased results, and doesn't insist on trying to guess that you wanted instead of actually giving you what you wrote quite as much as Google does. Another cool thing about DDG is that you can customise the colour scheme if you go into the settings.

Yandex - The most popular search engine in Russia. Yandex features a top notch search engine, a great free e-mail service, a great maps tool, a great translating service, and various other free tools. I personally use their e-mail service for my own e-mail, and make use of their other tools periodically. Some people might be paranoid about the Russian government spying on you through this service, but I would argue that that's quite an improvement over Google spying on you.

MIDISite - A special search engine designed specifically for finding MIDI files.

GifCities - Yet another unique search engine. This one trawls's Geocities archive for gifs with keywords matching your search query.

Ecosia - A nice little pro-privacy search engine that pledges to use its revenue to plant trees.

see also: Wiby in the "Web 1.0 General" section above, for the search engine that you'll want to use for traveling the Web 1.0 part of the Web.

Ship wheel. Bast and Other Kemetic Goddesses and Gods Ship wheel.

per-Bast - A very informative website that provides historical information about Bast and what is known about the history of Her worship and the various interpretations of Her over the centuries. Probably the most informative website about Her that exists. The name of the website is the Egyptian pronunciation of Bubastis, a city in ancient Egypt that was known for having a temple dedicated to Bast, making it a center for Her worship.

Virtualave's Bast Page - A beautiful little tribute page to Bast that contains a quick rundown about Her and the known history of Her worship in Kemet. Of interest also is a shrine page to Her, linked to at the bottom of the page, which contains a very nice prayer to the feline Goddess. This page is actually just a subset of the whole website, which contains interesting information on a number of either mostly or completely forgotten historical Goddesses.

Alley Cat Allies - A wonderful organisation that works to protect the lives of homeless cats.

Gods and Pharaohs - A snazzy Neocities hosting information on multiple Kemetic Gods, including Bast, along with other Ancient Egyptian themes. - Official website of the Kemetic Orthodoxy sect of Kemetism. I don't entirely subscribe to their teachings, but they're big enough that I thought them worth a link.

Ship wheel. Autism Ship wheel.

Autistic Self Advocacy Network - A non-profit autistic rights movement that, unlike many fraudulent organisations that are run by neurotypicals and seek to "cure" autism, is run entirely by autistic people. "Nothing About Us, Without Us!"

Aspie Tests - A series of online autism-related tests. The RAADS and AQ tests are probably the most reliable way to determine whether one is autistic without a formal diagnosis, and helped me confirm my own autism.

NeuroClastic - Formerly the Aspergian, this is a blog by autistic people full of information about their various diverse experiences of living as an autistic person.

Neurotypical Personality Disorder - A humourous article that describes neurotypicality (the lack of autism) in the same negative style that psychologists use to describe autism. Are autistics really the ones with a "disorder"? This one ultimately inspired my own version of this joke, although I have no idea if this is indeed the first iteration.

AspiGurl - Humourous comic about the autistic experience, by an autistic woman.

Too Much Information - A series of videos created by the UK-based National Autistic Society that showcase what some everyday experiences can feel like to some autistic people, especially "low-functioning" ones.

Quility Blankets - Including them here just because they're the company that made my (fantastic) weighted blanket. A company and a product that I would recommend to anybody who is autistic and/or suffers from anxiety or depression. This is not a paid endorsement.

Ship wheel. Dragon Ball Ship wheel.

Kanzenshuu - By far the most exhaustive and informative Dragon Ball resource in the world (or the English-speaking portion anyway.) This website is a treasure trove of accurate information about every single aspect of the Dragon Ball fandom, from battle powers to soundtrack releases to breakdowns on the contributions of the various animators who worked on the series. The website also contains countless translations of interviews with Toriyama and other people responsible for the series. There is also an active forum for further discussion of the many aspects of the franchise.

Dragon Ball Multiverse - Inarguably the greatest Dragon Ball fanmanga in existence. The story is centered around a tournament who contestants are sourced from 20 various timelines in the Dragon Ball world = one of which is "ours," and 19 of which are ones that diverged at some point in time. Although the premise is very "fanfictiony" and much of the manga is obvious fanservice, the art is absolutely stunning, and there are a lot of very well-done character interactions that never would have occurred in the original series.

Teira Nova - Deviantart page of my favourite Dragon Ball fan artist. Lots of top tier fan art of Jiren and the other Pride Troopers to be found, as well as other DBS characters.

Ship wheel. Astrophysics and Cosmology Ship wheel.

Closer to Truth - A website that features literally thousands of interviews with scientists and other intelligent figures about a wide variety of scientific and philosophical topics. Covering everything from the far future of the universe to the mystery of consciousness. Definitely a site that one can get lost in.

Timelapse of the Future - Probably the greatest YouTube video that I've ever seen. It's nearly 30 minutes long but worth every second. It demonstrates (with some surprisingly good graphics) how the universe is expected to evolve and eventually run down and die over the next ~googol (10100) years going by current known physics. The soundtrack is absolutely beautiful and makes the video worth watching alone. There's a few inaccuracies and a few things that I feel should have been mentioned. Feel free to visit the astrophysics section of this page for some detailed rants on the subject. (:

Science & Futurism with Isaac Arthur - Official website of the physicist YouTuber Isaac Arthur, who explores and discusses a wide variety of topics and their plausibility under known physics. The topics he covers include but are not limited to: colonisation of black holes, the evolution of life that thrives in the void of space, the many different possible versions of the multiverse, Boltzmann brains, and terraforming the inimical planet Venus. Mr. Arthur's full catalogue of videos can be found on his YouTube channel here.

arXiv - A massive archive of scientific papers (mostly physics) hosted and maintained by Cornell University. All of the articles are free to read.

Sci-Hub - An invaluable resource that enables one to access scientific papers without having to pay exorbitant fees. All you have to do is paste the url of the paper that you want to download into the textbox and click the "open" button.

Beyond Earthly Skies - An interesting blog that contains dozens of articles on various planets, stars, and other bodies that exist or may hypothetically exist. There are some very interesting takes about hypothetical scenarios involving stellar remnants in the far future that I have never seen mentioned anywhere else.

If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel - An existentially terrifying, but also very accurate, representation of the true size of the solar system, using a scale where our entire Moon is represented with only one pixel. I recommend using the arrow keys at the top to scroll through the presentation quicker unless you're autistic and have no plans for the day beyond seeing just how much empty space is inside our solar system.

Black Hole Temperature Calculator - An online calculator that estimates the temperature of a black hole by its mass. The main take-away here is how mind-bogglingly cold any (naturally forming and non-primordial) black hole is.

Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell - A YouTube channel that produces very cute videos about cosmology and other scientific topics. Their videos are designed such that any audience can easily understand them, but the cute visuals and relaxing narrator make them perfect for watching before bed.

Ship wheel. Evolutionary Biology Ship wheel.

Prehistoric Wildlife - A truly wonderful Web 1.0 site that hosts information on hundreds of prehistoric animal species. Truly the (sabre-toothed) cat's meow.

Biology of Sharks and Rays - An informative website about shark biology. Contains some great introductory information on the evolution of this glorious predator over the past 450 million years.

The Devonian Times - A website dedicated mainly to information about tetrapods from the Devonian Period.

A Guide to the Orders of Trilobites - A vast and very much Web 1.0-y website dedicated to information about Trilobites - a prolific yet mysterious group of ancient arthropods that filled our planet for hundreds of millions of years.

Ship wheel. Useful Free Programs Ship wheel.

DOSBox - A wonderful emulator that allows you to play DOS games on a system that does not natively support DOS (which, in this day and age, is essentially every system). Still very useful today even in the age of GOG, both because there are far too many DOS games for every single one to be updated to run on modern systems. Some of GOG's versions of DOS games, such as Raptor, also have some detrimental differences compared to the original game.

DOSBox SVN-Daum - A fork of DOSBox that adds, among other things, some high quality filters that mimic the look of a CRT monitor. This makes a world of difference, since DOS games were created in an era where everyone was using CRT monitors, and thus the art was designed to look best on those kinds of monitors.

Pale Moon - The greatest web browser available today and the browser that I personally have been using for some 5 or so years now. Although it is still one of the best options available, it has become significantly less and less respectable due to a number of bone-headed decisions made by its developers. This page breaks down the situation pretty well.

Mypal - A fork of Pale Moon designed to work on Windows XP. Essentially the only browser worth using for anyone based enough to still be on Windows XP in this day and age.

Ungoogled Chromium - A version of Chromium with the Google botnet surgically removed. A worthy alternative to Pale Moon for anyone who is fed up with the arrogance of their developers, and is willing to put up with Chromium's hideous interface.

foobar2000 - The only audio player that you will ever need, assuming you're on a Windows computer anyway. Although it comes with a nice and simplistic interface by default, it is extremely customizeable and can be molded however you wish.

Notepad++ - An extremely high-quality, open source Notepad alternative designed for Windows. Primarily designed for writing and editing code. Every part of this website was designed entirely in Notepad++, (aside from the images, which I either made in Photoshop or found online) so there's that...

irssi - The only IRC client you will ever need.

Pidgin - The only general chat program you will ever need. Less useful these days with AIM and MSN no longer existing, but it does also work with IRC, Steam, Discord, etc, although you may need to use extensions to use some protocols. I highly recommend using the OTR plug-in, and encouraging anybody that you chat with to do the same, in order to keep your conversations encrypted and private.

Mozilla Thunderbird - Mozilla's alternative to Microsoft to Outlook. I don't know if there's any better alternatives, but Thunderbird has been treating me well for a very long time so I am recommending them.

Inkscape - A superb free and open source vector drawing program that is an excellent alternative to the costly and proprietary Adobe Illustrator. Very handy for creating artwork, even if you lack drawing talent.

K-Meleon - A fairly good old school, open source web browser. Sadly it does not get updated much anymore and may not render all modern websites properly due to lack of support for standards.

KernelEx - A compatibility layer that allows for running Windows NT (Windows 2000 and XP) programs on Windows 98 and Me. If you want to do anything on a computer running those old operating systems, you will need this.

Ship wheel. Other Computer-Related Resources Ship wheel.

Dig Deeper - A very helpful Neocities website with some very useful information on protecting your privacy online, as well as some other stuff. Notably there is a very good write-up on the many problems inherent in a (late-stage) capitalist society. A great website to dedicate an evening or two to perusing.

Spyware Watchdog - Another very helpful privacy-centred Neocities website. This one contains articles on a wide variety of programs and online services and discusses how trustworthy each of them are known to be in terms of respecting the user's privacy.

W3Schools - A supremely helpful website for learning (or brushing up on your knowledge of) web design, from basic HTML/CSS to JavaScript and PHP. I personally have referenced it quite a few times while putting this website together.

10 Minute Mail - This website generates an anonymous e-mail address for you that lives for exactly 10 minutes, although you can refresh the clock before it expires if you need a bit more time. Perfect for when a website forces you to register an account, but you don't actually want to commit, or just don't want to risk getting spam from them or want to be completely anonymous.

CD.TEXTFILES - An utterly massive archive of files pulled from shovelware floppies and CDs from the 1980s and 1990s.

WinWorld - A website that archives abandoned old versions of operating systems, namely of Windows and Microsoft DOS. Most interesting I think is the unreleased/beta Windows versions that they have on there, but this website is also supremely useful for anyone who wants to relive the glorious bygone eras of Windows 9x, whether via virtual machine or an actual old PC.

Richard Stallman's Personal Website - The Web 1.0 site of the great Richard Stallman. Among other things, this site contains a lot of good information on why you should avoid many popular websites and programs,

ThemeWorld - A vast archive of Windows 9x themes, that is somehow still standing as of this writing. Unless you're based enough to still be using Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP, this is sadly useless aside from historical value, seeing how modern Windows completely refuses to let you use the old 9x interface. Very sad because there's a lot of top notch stuff here.

Nathan's Toasty Technology Page - An ancient Web 1.0 page that I remember reading back in the day. It still gets updated to this day and contains a massive collection of entertaining GUI reviews, including for every version of Windows. The ridiculously over the top anti-Internet Explorer page is comic gold but really needs a complementary section about the Great Satan that is google chrome.

Graham's World Wide Web Server - A cute little Web 1.0 site with a number of nifty downloads, including a bunch of retro Windows screensavers.

95 is Alive - An ancient website cataloging tips and tweaks to continue using Windows 95 in the modern world. It's outdated and at this point, it's sadly impossible to use even Windows 98 SE for most things, but the website is still an interesting historical resource.

Porkbun - An excellent and fairly cheap domain registrar, and the one I personally use. Among other things, they provide WHOIS privacy free of charge. This is not a paid endorsement.

Introduction to Windows XP - A nostalgic Neocities site that lets you relive the introductory guide from Windows XP. Now if only there was something like this for Windows 98...

W3 Validator - A handy and official tool for validating whether a website adheres to HTML4, XHTML, HTML5, and other official Web standards. Make sure to avoid actually selecting what standard you are aiming to validate (this should be information that it can glean from reading the file), as it for some reason throws out an error even if the website adheres perfectly to standards.

DevGuru - An old school reference site that includes documentation on HTML4 and XHTML tags, great if you (like myself) stick to old school standards and are tired of seeing W3Schools brow-beating you on perfectly useful tags being "deprecated" in newer standards.

Little Web Hut - Another useful old school reference site similiar to DevGuru, which includes a tag reference guide for HTML4 and XHTML, as well as tutorials for JavaScript, Inkscape, and GIMP.

LÆMEUR's Home Page - An old school personal website containing information about some of the author's computer-related projects. It includes a splendid DOS VGA font which I have used for a few decorations on this website.

Internet Pioneers - A guide to the most important figures in Internet history, and their roles in developing it into what it is today.

Computer Hope - An ancient (1998!) computer help website that tackles a myriad of topics from the basic to the more advanced.

Ship wheel. Creepypastas Ship wheel.

nosleep - A massive subreddit dedicated to creepypastas. While it contains a lot of subpar content, it is also the birthplace of many of the greatest and scariest creepypastas of all time, including Infected Town, The Patient that Nearly Drove Me out of Medicine, A Spire in the Woods, Has Anyone Heard of the Left/Right Game?. All Eighteen Lives of Omen the Cat, and so forth. A great site to browse on a dark and spooky night. - A pretty good resource for creepypastas. The quality of the stories can vary a lot, and there's a number of sub-par stories with high ratings, and vice versa, but it's at least easier to maneuver through than Nosleep.

Creepypasta Wikia - Another big creepypasta site. I haven't spent much time on here, and the average story quality seems lower than on the two aforementioned sites, but I figure it's worth including it just because of its sheer size.

see also: the Haunted House page for reviews of and links to my favourite creepypastas.

Ship wheel. ZZT Ship wheel.

z2 - The largest ZZT website in existence, as well as one of the oldest. While unfortunately never being updated anymore, it hosts an enormous database that contains almost every ZZT game that has ever been released. If you have any interest in ZZT whatsoever, this website is an absolute must.

Exploited Chaos - Website of the legendary ZZTer Viovis, creator of PPDV2 and dozens of other classic games. It includes a massive database of games that rivals z2's database in size, as well as a very nice Web 1.0 website design and some other interesting resources.

Zandor 12's Den - Website of the great Zandor 12. It contains his various released ZZT games (Mind Vomit especially is worth a playthrough or two,) as well as the dozens of high quality Jetpack levels that he has created, a comedic story, and a number of other things that one may or may not find interesting. It also features a top notch web 1.0 design and has a dancing penguin at the bottom of each page. If that isn't enough to make you pay the website a visit, I don't know what is.

Interactive Fantasies - The website of the legendary Interactive Fantasies, a ZZT game-creating "company" responsible for some of the best games in ZZT's entire history. This website also contains details and downloads for all of the 24HoZZT contests that were held from 1998 to 2003.

ZZT Heaven - The ancient personal website of the famed ZZTer Cly5m. It features screenshots and downloads of his games, some useful utilities for ZZT, and a top notch Web 1.0 design.

MadTom's Pick - The website of legendary ZZTer MadTom, containing reviews of what he considered to be the best ZZT game released each month from July 2002 all the way to August 2004.

see also: DOSBox in the "Programs and Other Computer Related Resources" section below, for playing ZZT on a system that does not natively support DOS programs

Ship wheel. Commander Keen Ship wheel.

KeenWiki - A large Wiki that contains a lot of good information on the legendary Commander Keen series of games, and also houses a large amount of mods for additional Keen adventures.

Cerebral Cortex 314 - An ancient Commander Keen fansite that contains a bunch of useful information about the Keen games.

The Official Dopefish Home Page - A very informative website dedicated to the legendary Dopefish from Commander Keen 4.

Quillax Ship - A superbly designed Web 1.0-style website housing some Commander Keen mods and fangames. I noticed that there seem to be two separate domains for this website. I'm not sure which one is the right one, so you can try to use this one if the first link ever goes down.

Public Commander Keen Forum - A still active forum dedicated to the Commander Keen series.

Benvolio's Workbench - An ancient (2004!) Commander Keen website containing a cornucopia of promising-looking Commander Keen mods/fangames, including Christmas and Halloween themed ones!

see also: in the "Retro Games General" section below. I did not include it in this section because it is dedicated to information on a plethora of retro games, but it is foremost a Commander Keen site.

Ship wheel. Jazz Jackrabbit Ship wheel.

Jazz Jackrabbit Online - A wonderful, fairly large Jazz Jackrabbit web 1.0 fansite that has been around since 1999. There's plenty of information about everyone's favourite hare (who isn't Dyspo,) as well as downloads of additional fan-made adventures for him.

Lori Central - An ancient fan-shrine to Lori Jackrabbit, Jazz Jackrabbit's sister who appeared as a playable character in Jazz Jackrabbit 2. Online since 1999!

OpenJazz - An open source version of the original Jazz Jackrabbit game engine, designed to work on Linux and modern Windows systems. Apparently, it is a recreation and the physics are not entirely accurate to the original, so you're probably better off using DOSBox or an older computer to play. Still interesting, however.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Warehouse - A now-defunct website that was one of the most pivotal Jazz Jackrabbit sites around in the 90s, and wound up hosting a number of exclusive interviews with members of the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 development team. It still lives on today thanks to

Ship wheel. Doom Ship wheel.

M J Doom Page - This website hasn't been updated since the 90s, has a bunch of broken links, and goes down without warning. The reason that I'm including it is largely because it is, in my humble opinion, an example of peak website design. A wonderful image map using Doom episode 3's intermission map as the background, the different MIDIs, background images, and gifs giving every page a distinct theme, the goofy Geocities-esque aesthetics that in no way keeps the site from being easily readable and browseable. This truly is a shining example of how great the web once was.

Doom Underground - Another Doom website that has been abandoned for multiple presidential administrations yet is still somehow hanging on. This one contains detailed reviews on hundreds of old school Doom WADs and has a nice clean and easily readable web 1.0 design. If you're a fan of (early) 90s Doom wads, you're sure to find some gems here.

The Oldternet - A nostalgic website designed to mimic the Web 1.0 sites of olde. Features the creator's Doom WADs as well as information on old game consoles and some other cool material.

Zero Master's YouTube Channel - I try to avoid linking to Web 2.0 stuff like Youtube channels here, but I will make a well-deserved exception here. Zero Master is a jaw-droppingly skilled speedrunner and there are plenty of awe-inspiring feats to be seen here. - A truly ancient and fairly large Doom website that has been chugging along mostly unchanged for two decades now. I recently found it again and am pleased to see it's still intact. It contains a lot of good information on Doom, most notably "scientific" analyses of the various monsters, and also hosts a number of good sub-websites.

Sir Robin - An old Doom site hosting a good number of WAD reviews. It hasn't been updated in 15 years, but it has a spiffy Web 1.0 design and the reviews are pretty good.

Page of Doom - While very outdated, this site contains a wealth of Doom-related information, including information on various console versions. There's even an exclusive interview with one of the creators of the obscure Lost Episodes of Doom.

Wolfendoom - A site hosting a TC (total conversion) for Doom that remakes the Wolfenstein 3D game, as well as a bunch of brand new adventures that take place in the Wolfenstein universe.

The Official DOOM FAQ - A truly ancient and thorough Doom website dating back to the immemorial year of 1994. Although created by a fan named Hank Leukart, it was later included by id Software with official versions of Doom.

Doom WAD Station - A staple of the late 90s/early 2000s Doom community that is somehow not only still online, but still being updated. Features a treasure trove of knowledge and WAD reviews for the classic Doom games, the modern Doom games, and even the Wolfenstein and Quake games!

Classic DOOM - Another ancient Doom Web relic that is still alive and kicking. Features walkthroughs and other information for the classic Doom games, in a bare bones yet still quite aesthetically pleasing Web 1.0 format.

DOOM Honorific Titles - A primordial (1994!) historical document detailing some titles that were assigned to Doom players who completed various challenges in Doom back when the game had just come out. These titles are notable for the fact that several of them (Pacifist and Tyson) later became official speedrunning categories when Compet-N came along. Amusingly, the man behind this page, Frank Stajano, is now a professor and this page is still hosted on his official university website, where it is casually listed in his bibliography alongside his serious academic work.

Compet-N - The famous website where Doom speedrunning demos were uploaded and demos were tracked from the late 90s through to 2005. Aside from hosting a trove of old demos and valuable speedrunning tricks, it also features one of the most delightfully early 2000s designs that still exist on the modern Web. Quoth the website: "Best viewed in 800*600 or more. Netscape and IE tested."

see also: DOSBox in the "Programs and Other Computer Related Resources" section below, for playing Doom using the original executable on a system that does not natively support DOS programs. Send Coffee, listed in the "Miscellaneous" section below, also has a Doom section on their website.

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3D Realms Legacy Website - Legacy version of the official website of 3D Realms (formerly Apogee,) the company that published and helped create a sizeable chunk (if not the majority) of the best games from the golden age of gaming back in the early 90's. There's a lot of interesting, exclusive information on the development of those old classics to be found here, notably in their legacy interviews series, which can be accessed here.

Perilous Crystal Caves - A very good, old website dedicated to the legendary DOS game Crystal Caves. In addition to a wealth of information about the game, the website also features an exclusive multi-part interview with the game's creator Frank Maddin (also the creator of the legendary Monster Bash!) It's an link because the original site is unfortunately long gone. - A fairly large website that, among other things, hosts a number of Commander Keen fansites and an entire community dedicating to finding ways to mod video games from the early 90s golden era of Apogee and Epic MegaGames. - An adorable Web 1.0 site dedicated to the legendary ancient video game Digger. In addition to a wealth of information about the game, the website also contains an online version of the game that runs in Java, and a remastered version for Windows 95. The remastered version does work well on my Windows 8.1 PC, but I have no idea how well it would fare on Windows 10.

Adept Software - The classic games section of Adept Software, the creators of Jetpack, Squarez, and God of Thunder. Contains freeware versions of those games as well as beta versions of Jetpack and Squarez, and links to a bunch of fan-made Jetpack level sets.

Mountain King Studios - The official website of the developer that created the legendary games Raptor Call of the Shadows and Demonstar, as well as a few others. Raptor especially is one of my all-time favourite video games.

Redwood Games - Official website of Redwood Games (Karen Crowther,) the company behind the criminally underrated Pickle Wars.

DOS Haven - A very groovy looking website dedicated to the creation and sharing of modern day DOS games.

256 Color VGA Programming in C - An ancient tutorial on programming graphics for DOS games. An interesting read in spite of how outdated the information is.

Phil's Wacky Wheels Site - A cute Wacky Wheels site that disappeared years ago but continues to live on via This is the only Wacky Wheels-centric website that I can recall ever seeing, and it contains some pretty useful information about the game.

S&F Prod - An all-purpose early 90s DOS gaming site, containing files and useful information for numerous classic games.

The Apogee FAQ - A vast FAQ on all things related to Apogee/3D Realms and the many classic computer games that they put out. While the FAQ was actually created by Rinkworks, it contains numerous contributions by Apogee and has been "officialised" by them. - A groovy website hosting information and downloads of over 1,500 DOS computer games.

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Gods and Monsters - A pretty large collection of mythology from everything from ancient deities, to fairies, to vampires. Nice Web 1.0-ish design too.

Real Vampires Website - Another weird web 1.0 website, this time about purported real life vampires.

TeenWitch - A large and pretty old resource for all things witchy. I don't know enough about witchcraft to say how accurate this is, but it's a large informative Web 1.0 website so I'm putting it here for anyone that may need it.

Wired Sage's Learning - An interesting website dedicated to teaching one how to interact with a variety of supernatural beings.

The Shadowlands - A truly venerable ancient (since 1994!) Web 1.0 site hosting a wealth of knowledge and anecdotes on various paranormal phenomenon, as well as tributes to the deceased pets of the webmaster and webmistress.

Everything You Need to Know About Vampires - A handy compilation of information related to vampire mythology.

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4chan - A bastion of free speech that is collectively responsible for a very large amount of the internet culture and memes produced over the past 15 years. It contains dozens of sub-boards and has something for just about everyone. Some of the content can be a touch offensive or shocking due to the lack of censorship, but that is a small price to pay.

Anon Cafe - A comfy, alternative imageboard with less censorship and more intellectual discussion than 4chan. Not anywhere near as active however. Feels like one of the forums of the old web.

Gab - A popular and rapidly growing social media that is free of censorship and the oppressive yoke of big technology companies. If you like the idea of twitter but are disheartened by the childish level of discourse there, you'll love Gab. - An Irish forum dating back to the year 2000, that is somehow still active. A very interesting time capsule on how people online reacted to historical events such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

B3TA - A two-decade old British message board with a penchant for creating comedic images.

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The Library of Babel - Not to be confused with my own Library of Babel, this website is a genius attempt at digitally recreating the Library of Babel thought up by Jorge Luis Borges. Although there is almost certainly no chance of you ever encountering anything remotely coherent on there, this website theoretically contains every book that will ever be written, as well as accurate predictions for how every single person in the world will die.

Modern Drunkard - An entertaining online publication aimed at alcoholics.

Bonequest - Formerly named Jerkcity, this is a extremely long-running and exceptionally bizarre webcomic that will sate all of the "Microsoft Comic Chat characters screaming at each other about cocks and diarrhea for eternity" needs that you had no idea that you had until you started reading it.

Zombo Com - An interesting little Flash website that has been around for approximately all of eternity. Welcome to Zombo Com!

St. Sanders' Shred Depository - Website of the infamous St. Sanders, and his shred parody videos. Personally I recommend the one that he did for the Rolling Stones the most, but the majority of his work is excellent.

The Draconcat - An old and stylish Web 1.0 website by someone claiming to be a cat inside of a human body (a state of being that I personally sympathise with very well.) This is the weird kind of site that makes the internet worth it to me.

Nothing - A Web 1.0 website dedicated to the enigmatic concept of nothing.

The Anti-Social Primer - An overly goofy guide to becoming a sociopath. Probably not a good idea to take this one too seriously.

Drink and Drive - A very... unique website that espouses the joys of drunk driving. I am including this for the humour value and the web 1.0 design, and do not intend this to be a statement of support for the practice.

Neil's Pennsylvania Home Page - A warm and charming personal website including everything from Pennsylvania history to roadkill recipes, to an extensive humour section featuring a number of satirical causes including Drunks Against Mad Mothers, and a humourously convincing campaign to outlaw bread.

Horace 'Kicker' Vallas - A very friendly elderly man's website, announcing his retirement and displaying some photographs of him, his family/relatives/friends, and his dogs. Not much content here, but the authentic and friendly vibe of the site is so reminiscent of the good old 90s Web that my heart would not allow me to not include a link to it.

The End of the Internet - The last page of the Internet, if you're tired of exploring the World Wide Web and just want to see what's at the end already.

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Kat's Korner - A glorious and comfy Web 1.0 sanctum organised in the form of a house, with each room containing numerous subsections covering a myriad of topics. Although the design of the website is far from the fanciest, you would be hard-pressed to find many websites that have a more pleasing and genuine Web 1.0 feel than this gem does.

Erowid - An incredibly useful resource containing a wealth of information about various legal and illegal drugs, from numerous personal anecdotes to scientific information.

Totse - A massive collection of text files from the older days of the Web, many featuring controversial and/or illegal content. A shining example of pure old Web anarchy, both for better and for worse.

Dissolved Girl - The incredibly depressing Neocities website of Sol Pais, an 18 year old woman who committed suicide near Columbine High School. A very painful yet fascinating look at crippling depression at its worst.

Wayne's This and That - An absolutely vast Web 1.0 personal website hosting more things than I care to even list here. Whether you're looking for some genuinely amusing jokes, want to try some new recipes, want to know how to build a telescope, or simply enjoy reading the thoughts of an educated and amusing older man, you're guaranteed to find something of interest here.

GOTH ZONE - A superbly designed Goth-themed Neocities site designed to feel as if one is exploring an interactive castle. Very unique and creative.

Human Raccoon - A patently bizarre show and webzine that updates once a week on Sunday. It is definitely worth watching at least an episode or two, even if you don't immediately think it's your cup of tea.

Sisters of Mercy's Website - The official website of the goth rock band Sisters of Mercy. They are one of my favourite bands, but the main reason that I'm including this link is because the website is an authentic web 1.0 site that was made by the band's singer Andrew Eldritch himself, and it shows. Some of the content on there is absolutely hilarious.

Fragment and Reflect - A very authentic-feeling "digital zine" covering topics such as environmental activism, travel photography, top notch poetry, and (one day) paganism. There's a nice mysterious image map on the front page, just begging you to explore further.

Lost All Hope - An actually open-minded website about suicide that isn't just some version of the usual "suicide hotline" copypasta that you get on every other website about the topic.

Project Gutenberg - An online library where you can download free copies of tens of thousands of books whose copyright has expired.

Bonnibel's Graphics Collection - A Neocities website that contains a treasure trove of gifs and other images.

MashTea Gholee CyberTeaHouse - A very cute website dedicated to information about tea. It's apparently a just a section of the larger Farsinet website - a website dedicated to the Persian and Farsi-speaking Christian community.

Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Official website of the Edgar Allan Poe Society in Poe's home city of Baltimore. It features an online archive of his work - including letters and other obscure writings - as well as various information about the legendary horror writer.

House of Usher - A primeval Edgar Allan Poe fansite that hosts an archive of adaptations and other works that reference Poe's stories. Sadly, the last update was back in 2011 and states that the website is being abandoned in favour of new media such as social media and blogs. Makes one want to barf up a hairball in disgust.

Anti-Sex - A website decrying the negative effects of sex and pornography and urging abstinence from such practices. They have a Russian language website as well, which can be found here.

AI Dungeon - An online text adventure that uses AI to generate content based on what you type into it. It's shockingly good sometimes, although you sometimes have to coax it via rewriting what it spits out at you. It's probably one big data harvesting scheme but sadly, few things on the modern internet aren't.

Medieval Recipes - A comprehensive guide to food recipes and eating habits of medieval Europe, if you've ever wondered what it would be like to eat food similiar to what people ate centuries ago.

Bright Eyes - A Neocities website that actually consists of 5 totally separate websites dedicated to several works of fiction, arts 'n' crafts, and an overall personal site. While a lot of the content doesn't seem to be up yet, all five pages already have some very cozy and aesthetic designs set up.

Sunrise Sunset Calendars - An extremely thorough and helpful website for looking up what time the sun is slated to rise or set, anywhere, on any date. Solid Web 1.0 design too.

The H.P. Lovecraft Archive - A vast archive cataloguing the writings and legacy of the legendary horror writer H.P. Lovecraft.

Wildwood Survival - A large site dedicated to wilderness survival skill information. A lot of very useful information that you never know if you'll need to use one day.

Useful Tropical Plants - A sprawling database of over 10,000 tropical plant species and their many uses.

Otaking - A 4channer's website hosting an assortment of articles on a wide variety of topics, from Anime to politics to computing.

Glorious Trainwrecks - A community dedicated to creating and sharing indie games with a focus on creating for the fun of creation, and not about production values or quality.

Windows 95 Tips - A short blog by the legendary Neil Cicierga that consists of screenshots from what appears to be a copy of Windows 95 that has been possessed by some sort of eldritch abomination. Creepy and hilarious in equal measure, and well worth a read or two.

Windows 93 - An incredible website that mimics an imaginary version of Windows existing between Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. It features a VERY funky design, and comes with, among many other things, fully playable versions of Solitaire and Minesweeper! A side-note on the latter: the Minesweeper version is intended to be entirely unplayable unless you disable "troll mode" on it.

RinkWorks - A truly vast old school website featuring a staggering amount of comedic material, online games, and other entertainment. - A weather website that, in contrast to the bloated and advertisement-saturated mainstream weather websites, gives you all of the information that you need in a cute and conservative format resembling a command prompt. Sadly, you can only receive the weather in the location your IP address is in, so it's not very useful for those of us who habitually use VPNs and/or Tor.

Bad Designs - A genuine Web 1.0 scrapbook of various stupidly designed objects.

Urban Adventures in Rotterdam - Urban exploration photography of various locations in Rotterdam, UK, and other places in Europe.

Contemplations From the Marianas Trench - A collection of insightful and amusing contemplations, presaented with a cool minimalist ocean-themed Web 1.0 look.

Send Coffee - A comfy 1996 website featuring a number of amusing pages. Of highlight is the Doom page, and a section wistfully talking about how much better Windows 3.1 was than its successors of the Windows 9x group. As a die-hard Windows 98 obsessive, it amuises me to see that this cycle has truly been occurring since time immemorial.

Obsolete Computer Museum - An online museum featuring photographs and information on various ancient computers.

Encyclopaedia Metallum - A surprisingly exhaustive collection of information on metal bands organised by country and sub-genre.

The Meditative Cat - A 1996 cat-themed website with the exact kind of adorable aesthetics you would expect for something from that era.

The Cephalopod Page - An impressive website containing a wealth of information on cephalopods (octopuses, squid, etc) put together by a Ph.D Marine Biologist. The website has been up since 1995 and is still being maintained.

RussianSpaceWeb - A two-decade old website documenting Russian and Soviet space exploration history from its beginnings to the present.

Moose Creek Nike Site - A website that aims to preserve the lives, work, and memories of the people who served at Site Tare in Moose Creek, Alaska to protect the United States from a missile attack during the Cold War. Make sure you have Flash enabled in order to view the photography albums on this site.

TheAlmightyGuru - A sprawling early 2000s website on all sorts of topics. The content is quite hit-or-miss (usually miss) but I'll leave a link here purely due to the sheer size and age of the website.

Jerry Lehr - A personal website covering everything from Doom to Mario to the author's personal music projects. Notable for being the only Neocities website that (to my knowledge) has a Commander Keen page, aside of course from my own. (:

The Devil's Dictionary - Online version of the Devil's Dictionary - a famous satirical dictionary created over the course of several decades by U.S. Civil War veteran Ambrose Bierce. Some of the definitions (I quite like the ones for "mad", "arrest", "friendless", "slang", and "polite" especially) are truly incredible.

Ship wheel. Politics Ship wheel.

LittleSis - A database of famous and powerful people and organisations, and their affiliations and relations with each other.

The Babylon Bee - A conservative, Christian satire news website and a wonderful alternative to The Onion. I wouldn't say it's better than The Onion was at its peak, but it's probably the most entertaining such website around today (to my knowledge.)

Genesius Times - Another conservative, Christian satire news site like Babylon Bee. This one seems to be even more political than the Bee but very entertaining nonetheless.

The Gateway Pundit - An excellent right-leaning news website.

Breitbart - A fairly high quality news website that tends to avoid bias and lying more than just about any big U.S.-based news source. Just avoid the comments sections if you don't want to risk getting an aneurysm.

Russia Today - Another great news website that reports many things that the leftist U.S. mainstream media refuses to.

BitChute - A censorship-free YouTube alternative that contains a lot of terrific, informative content that would not have survived on YouTube due to their anti-free speech policies. Lots of redpilled content.

Canada Free Press - An independent conservative news site with a focus on North American affairs. This one is relatively new to me but is one that I wholeheartedly recommend nonetheless.

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